So I’d love to say I know what I’m doing “blogging”, but I’m really just trying to test this website that I’m building to promote myself as a yoga teacher. I hope that I can eventually share my love of yoga, my lack of wit, and ideas that will make you either laugh, smile, or feel anything positive. And to be honest, I’m not so sure that they will be ideas as much as they are commenting on or sharing someone’s great idea. I always have trouble accepting that my ideas are original as they came to me through some form of teaching. And look how I came full circle to teaching yoga…The original concept was that yoga was shared and taught from one individual to another so as to personalize the experience. We’re not all the same proportions, we have different genetic and environmental factors and we sure shouldn’t look like clones of each other doing poses. But besides the poses, there’s the mental, and emotional aspect that most of us recognize from doing the poses whether that was our original expectation or not. And as much as I want to promote myself as a teacher, I just want others to self explore with yoga. So find a class, a DVD, a friend, and give it a try (or 2 or 3….) or…contact me. 🙂

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