“Aspiration is the wisdom of our awoke heart welcoming us home.” Tara Brach

Lately I’ve been contemplating how to reach my full potential, trying to focus on who I am intrinsically and how I aspire to be and exist in this world. When we’re not true to ourselves we tend to feel off kilter and it comes out as we interact with others. We also witness how people who’ve discovered their true essence or focus continually towards being their natural self, have a sense of ease about them. They tend to exude a sense of joy; some expressively and some in a quiet manner. Individuals that have this inner joy also have less negative reaction to circumstances around them. I more recently have a better understanding of the importance of why Oprah continually tells others to ask, “What is my truest Intention?”

Using mindfulness meditation is a way to discover what you aspire to be in your heart, but unlike my last two posts on Mindfulness and Self Compassion, that is not my focus for today. Within a yoga teacher group discussion, the question was asked how we as teachers stay authentic online when we’re also using products to supplement our teaching income. Several of us agreed that we needed to be up front if a product we promote or have available on our website may make us money. Additionally, we should make sure the products support our values.

You may have noticed I have t-shirts with designs for my yoga business that I sell for marketing as well as to spread a positive message.  While I am in the process of finding a different on demand print vendor, I’m delighted to have these available for my students to purchase. Additionally, my website has a disclosure that mentions I may make a commission if you click on a link and purchase something. One of these links is prAna.

I discovered prAna when I was trying to find clothing items I could wear teaching paddle board yoga when the water was chilly. I’ve liked everything I’ve ordered, but I like even more that the US company is very focused on sustainability. Their mission is “to inspire healthy, active, and free-spirited living”. I am also fond that the clothing line and products are beyond just yoga. As much as I love yoga, I encourage diversity and variety in your active life. In an effort to be authentic with you, I wanted to take a moment to explain why you will see links to prAna on my online presence. Feel free to check out their products here, with no pressure to buy. I’m happy to simply share prAna’s positive vibes.

May you have less worry and more smiles.

Our Physical Body

Our Physical Body

Last weekend as part of my training, I was fortunate to participate in learning at a cadaver lab. My previous interest with the brain/neuroscience and medical TV shows had me excited for the opportunity, but I’m sure you can imagine this experience was not quite the same. First, kudos to anyone that has illustrated the body in all its combined complexity as a simple picture in a book. Secondly, kudos to the other books that address the complex emotions we have around our physical body.

We all have the same parts (not differentiating between gender organs here), yet each of us is unique. I know that might not seem profound to some, but it matters. Many of us push our bodies beyond their limits attempting to achieve goals; in sports, in vanity, and in health. We need to recognize what standard we are using and its origin. I would love to say my reflection of my experience at the cadaver lab left me glowing with appreciation for my body and all that it can do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m amazed by our biology, but I also have to acknowledge my frustrations with my own body.

At first I thought my frustrations may be age related, but I can think back to the ridiculous amount of ankle sprains and feelings of frustration in my youth. Next I can remember how not coping with a great deal of stress severely impacted me physically (hair loss, weight loss, insomnia, etc). I was also discontent while I was attempting to “run through” what have now developed into Morton’s Neuroma in both feet. Recently, I’ve been frustrated having 6 lithotripsies in the last 8 months (kidney stones). I know I’m not alone when it comes to being annoyed by my body.

So with each frustration we have to remind ourselves to remember where we are, not where we used to be. It does us no good to ignore what’s going on as much as it’s not good to long for something in the past. Next thing is to focus on what we can do for improvement (drink water, practice yoga, breathe deeply, etc). And lastly, we need to practice gratitude for the awesome things that are working grandly in our bodies. They truly are amazing vessels.

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