Quick Manifestation 

Can we really train the brain to quickly manifest the life we desire? I suppose it depends on what “quickly” means in your life but we do know what’s happening in the brain that helps us manifest our dreams.

Reticular Activating System (RAS)

The RAS is located in the brain stem and it is the gatekeeper between the unconscious and conscious information that our brain processes. Moreover, according to Dr Bruce Lipton, our conscious brain processes about 40 bits of information per second. In contrast, our unconscious brain processes about 500,000 more bits of information per second! It’s important to realize that’s a lot of data being influenced by our brain patterns and unconscious mind.

 What does the RAS have to do with manifestaion?

The RAS filters and processes information based on your brain patterns. To demonstrate, If you make a conscious decision that you want to buy a red coat, suddenly you will notice red coats in stores, in online advertisements, and people wearing them. To rephrase it, since you decided you wanted to buy a red coat, the RAS filtered that information directly to your conscious thought.

Is Manifestaion really as easy as making a decision to do or want something?

Kind of? Its more like if you want something the possibility of that something happening increases. With this purpose in mind, you can increase the possibilities with precise intention. 

  • First, think about the situation or goal you want to impact.
  • Second, think about the end result you want to reach.
  • Third, visualize in great detail what the end result looks like

I recommend starting your day with a daily journal that includes your intentions.

Can I Manifest away all my problems?

No. No. and No. Manifestation and Intention are about focusing on your goals. We also do not have control of a lot of things in life. Moreover, the RAS is only one part of our very complex, fascinating, and wonderful brain. However, the next time your yoga teacher asks you to set an intention in class, realize that focus can have a significant impact on your day. At least, that’s a great quick way to manifest a good day.

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