Finding My Sanity

Young adult life was a blur. Divorced with two kids at 25, I needed calm in my life. A sign was posted offering evening yoga at my sons’ before and after care program. Part of the building was warehouse like; half set up as a small indoor skate park, the other half set up for gymnastics. My sister and I both signed up with about about 8 other women. I think it was one night a week for 6 weeks at $60 . The teacher was a gentle soul who calmly brought us through poses I knew nothing about. It was the calm and relaxation that I needed. One night the teacher couldn’t figure out how to turn the lights on so we practiced with dim lights practically in the dark (who knows maybe she started yoga glow). As the 6 week session came to an end, the owner said he would be in touch about the next session. Impatiently I kept asking and finally he replied that the teacher was not responding and joked she must have gone off to live in the woods somewhere. Hopefully she moved onto teaching somewhere more suitable for her, but I was so disappointed. I fell in love with yoga and it was gone like that.

Yoga Ever After

So next was practicing yoga by DVD (possibly VHS – but I’m not sure). My younger sister bought me a Karen Voight Yoga DVD that was more difficult than what I was used to (power yoga?). I committed to doing it every day. It took me 6 months until I practiced with ease and was in the best shape of my life. I moved, and suddenly life with kids got in the way of my daily practice, but I would still go back to practicing when I could. I started prescribing yoga to everyone for everything. Along with my home DVD practice, periodically, I took yoga at the gym where I had a membership, and eventually joined a local yoga studio. And now here I am excitedly helping yogis with self exploration of their own journey. Here’s to hoping yoga finds you.



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