Lately through learning, meditation, and life I am being reminded over and over how precious each moment is.
I’ve been having the same conversation with others and we’re wondering if our age is the reason we are seeing so much tragedy. Each week we seem to witness new suffering from cancer, brain tumors, heart attacks, sanfillipo syndrome, anxiety, addiction and death. This is just the suffering of children and adults me, my family, & friends know. Part of me wishes I could comfort everyone’s suffering, but its so overwhelming.
A possible way to honor others suffering is to put effort into being present. Be present with your own feelings so you work through your own suffering and are able have more space in your heart for others suffering. This effort for mindfulness takes time. While many of us have empathy for others’ suffering we do not necessarily have the space or compassion to help. Compassion is when your empathy compels you to action. Mindful compassion is what helps us find inner joy.
So just take a moment and imagine a world where most of us are present and consciously recognize how precious each moment is. Our day to day suffering would be less and we’d have more space in our heart for those times that tragedy occurs. Please join me on this journey of learning to have mindful compassion.

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