About Sandy

Sandy is an independant yoga teacher that teaches on the beach and online

Teaching Yoga for Positive Mental Health, Energy and the Brain

Major Depressive Order leads to Neuroscience Interest

May years prior to becoming a yoga teacher I was diagnosed with what they now call major depressive disorder. I learned tools through therapy and became very curious about neuroscience. This science is about the function of the nervous system and also the brain. People can have very different emotional responses to the same situation. I fascinate about the brain’s function and impact on our lives.

Yoga for Exercise or Inner Joy?

Another tool emphasized in therapy was exercising to keep depression at bay and yoga initially was just for exercise. I slowly intuitively understood that yoga was about inner joy.

Yoga Teacher to Improve Energy and Brain Focus

However, it wasn’t until my third year of teaching that I realized I should bring the two interests together. Therefore, I continue to train on specific techniques and also concepts to teach students. To my surprise, some of the initial training spoke to chronic fatigue which I know all too well. Moreover, I was already teaching slow yoga. And, now evidence supports my intuition; Slow yoga is also beneficial to the brain and battling fatigue.



200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – Charm City Yoga

300 hour yoga Teacher Training – YogaWorks

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training – Yoga International


Additional Study

Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage – Thai Healing Arts Training Center

Conscious Loving Pathways for Awakening the Heart – NICABM

The Yoga and Neuroscience connection – Subtle® Yoga

The Science of Slow – Subtle® Yoga

The Subtle®  Revolution Training

ViniYoga for Anxiety and Depression

Breathing into Wellness

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