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What’s with this world and shame?

The definition of shame This shame definition is from Collins dictionary adjective 1. causing one to feel a painful emotion resulting from an awareness of having done something dishonourable, unworthy, degrading, etc It's too shaming! noun 2. (often in combination)...

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“Aspiration is the wisdom of our awoke heart welcoming us home.” Tara Brach Lately I’ve been contemplating how to reach my full potential, trying to focus on who I am intrinsically and how I aspire to be and exist in this world. When we’re not true to ourselves we...

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Create Space in Your Heart for Suffering

Lately through learning, meditation, and life I am being reminded over and over how precious each moment is. I’ve been having the same conversation with others and we’re wondering if our age is the reason we are seeing so much tragedy. Each...

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Self Compassion

Within the last month or so, while teaching a class I spoke to addressing the thoughts of the self critic while practicing. I didn’t even think before I said something like, “Don’t try to push the critical thought aside, accept it and wrap it with a hug” It sounded...

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Another yoga teacher recently responded to my Instagram post where I asked what people do to energize themselves. As a fellow introvert, she commented that she was reading Daring Greatly by the fire. I’m not sure why, but I jumped on ordering the book. It’s the first...

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Our Physical Body

Last weekend as part of my training, I was fortunate to participate in learning at a cadaver lab. My previous interest with the brain/neuroscience and medical TV shows had me excited for the opportunity, but I’m sure you can imagine this experience was not quite the...

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